Welcome to my website!

I am a professional artist, living on a farm in historic New Kent County Virginia, close to Colonial Williamsburg and Richmond.  I specialize in: Sculpture (Bronzes, mix media, wood, cement, metal, stained glass…), Photography (Weddings, portraits, travel, art & abstract, farm shoots, horse shows…), Pottery (thrown & hand built) and Painting (water color, acrylic, mixed media).  My work is greatly influenced by nature, animals, artifacts and music.  I have artwork in private collections all over the world (Mongolia China, Saudi Arabia, Europe, Canada, USA), and in a permanent exhibit at The Florida Museum of Natural History .  My horse sculptures have won International, National and College awards.  I often create commissioned artwork and enjoy each collaboration.  My work is represented in Virginia and North Carolina Galleries.  This website contains photographs of my work and introduces my four legged & winged companions.  Please contact me about the art!  Thanks so much for visiting!   ~Karen