The Echoes: A Photographic Series

Artist Statement:

Echo—A lingering trace or effect.

Seeing through the lens intrigues me. When a subject is photographed, the interactive play between light, color and space becomes art. A moment in time is captured—documented. Photographic spontaneity records echoes so we remember…

This series of photographs represents sculptures, shadows and reflections: life-traces left behind…Time markers. Their Echoes captured my attention. By photographing them, I gave them voice.

The angels mark graves. Angels sculpted by artists. Artists whose hands were guided over rock and clay by muses…until each angel was freed from the stone, or born of molten metal. They stand quietly, aging… Time slowly claims them and yet they persist and share company with anyone who seeks them.

Echoes illustrate my life: Experiences, animals and people…the past builds on the present…from everyday, mundane, to exceptional moments… As I thought about creating this series, I recalled defining moments…Life Artifacts. My Angels. I began seeking subjects, through the lens. Recording memories, documenting life, the importance of time—of existence…I saw these guardians with new eyes. They gave me their time and validated my calling—I am an artist who revisits the Echoes.